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How to judge the quality of LCD display?

2021-09-16 17:20:48 jsd 10

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How to judge the quality of LED display? With the popularity of touch all-in-one machine products in the market, there are more and more manufacturers, but the quality of touch all-in-one machine products begins to become good and uneven, which has caused a lot of trouble for many users when choosing touch all-in-one machine products. So, how do we judge the quality of LED display? Just look down.

A touch all-in-one machine has the highest cost of LCD, so users must carefully check the quality of LCD when choosing touch all-in-one products. At present, the LCD with better quality in the market is led display. LED display has extraordinary experience and high cost performance compared with traditional LCD technology with the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, light weight, thin body and clear image quality. The quality and price of the screen are mainly reflected in several aspects, which are several criteria for you to decide whether to buy the machine.

The screen size accounts for the vast majority of the price, generally including 32, 42, 47, 55, 65, 70 and 84 Inches, while the screen difference is 10 inches, the price will be more than 1000, and the larger the size, the greater the difference. After all, the larger the screen, the higher the stability requirements.

The power distribution cabinet plays a very important role in the large-size LED display screen. The display screen with power above 10kW needs to be equipped. It is very important to ensure the stability of screen power supply, prevent tripping and greatly improve the safety. Screen heat dissipation also plays a key role in anti-aging and service life. Keeping good body temperature and internal temperature can better delay the life of LED display screen, and the screen color will not change much over time.

Video processor is an important part of playing multi format media on the screen. The query and display software of computer-made advertising multimedia or touch all-in-one machine must have the support of multi format. The thickness of a single LED display screen needs to be thin, but generally, the LED will be thinner than the LCD, which is more luxurious and generous. At the same time, space needs to be reserved for assembly with infrared touch screen, computer host, casing, etc. when manufacturing touch advertising machine and all-in-one machine. The lightning arrester is special for outdoor, and it can be selected not to add indoor.

The above is how to judge the quality of LED display screen. I hope it will be helpful to you! Today, the touch all-in-one machine has a broad market prospect and has been applied to various industries.