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Which is more suitable for LCD splicing screen and LED large screen in indoor exhibition hall?

2021-09-16 17:17:17 jsd 12

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Now some companies will create a large LED screen in the exhibition hall, that is, to realize more intelligent display functions in the two products of LCD splicing screen and LED large screen, such as playing company introduction, PPT, on-site pictures and videos and new product introduction. Which is better?

Select the product to use, one according to its product characteristics, and the other according to the display content.

Different splicing between LCD panel and LED large screen

In addition to the differences in display technology, the main difference between LCD and LED is the display effect.

1. Resolution: the resolution of LCD splicing screen is relatively high, with a single screen resolution of 1920 ≤ 1080, while the resolution of LED varies with the size of point distance, but generally it is much lower than that of LCD splicing screen, and the clarity of display image is not as high as that of LCD splicing screen. Therefore, if we are used to watching at close range, we'd better choose LCD splicing screen if we need high-definition display.

The company used to be a hall LCD splicing screen or LED large screen?

2. Brightness

The brightness of LCD splicing screen is fixed. Just like TV, it is suitable for long-time viewing, while the brightness of LED is relatively high and adjustable, which is more suitable for long-distance viewing, especially in some occasions with good light or direct sunlight. In the exhibition hall, the rooms are usually closed and the viewing distance is relatively close, so the brightness of LCD splicing screen is more appropriate.

3. Color contrast

When the same image is displayed on the LCD splicing screen, the whole picture will be exquisite and uniform in color, but the contrast on the large LED screen is very strong, resulting in the color level not as good as that of the LCD.

4. Integrity

The LCD screen splicing will have some physical splicing gaps after stitching, which will affect the integrity of the whole large screen to a certain extent. This problem does not exist for LED. No matter how it is spliced, the whole screen in the middle has no visual impairment, which is the biggest advantage of LED large screen.

2、 The display determines the selection direction

Most of the signal sources in the exhibition hall are on the computer, including video, PPT, pictures, text introduction, etc. the screen is required to achieve high-definition resolution and better visual effect. It is better to choose high-resolution LCD splicing screen.

Sometimes, in addition to full screen display, we usually use split screen display, such as the display screen that displays more than one computer's content at the same time above a large number of small screens, so we should use split screen function, no doubt matrix LCD splicing screen and more convenient functions.

At present, 80% of the exhibition halls of most enterprises will choose to use LCD splicing screen in the selection of LED large screen, and only a small part will use LED, and the selection is still based on broadcast content, viewing distance, display effect, etc. There is no doubt that the LCD splicing screen is the most suitable for the playback requirements of the exhibition hall.